Coming Together to Care for Our Vulnerable Seniors

Be part of the solution of senior care. Discover what your dollar will do.

Coming Together To Care For Each Other

Be part of the solution of senior care. Discover what your dollar will do.

Every day, right here in our own backyard, seniors are unable to receive the care they need.

We Can Make a Difference

Did You Know . . . Approximately seven million seniors aged 65 and older rely on support from others to help with their care needs. That number is expected to increase by almost a third by 2035. What happens if they don’t have the resources financially or relationally to get the care they need?

By joining our mission for a solution, your support will allow us to help our seniors in heart-wrenching situations and give them the care and respect they deserve during their vulnerable decades.

AZ Cares Foundation

Senior Advocacy: A Community Effort

How Your Contribution Helps

As a compassionate community, we can come together to provide the necessary support for our community’s elders, allowing them to
receive the support with dignity we all deserve as we navigate the aging journey. Your donations will afford a thorough assessment to
determine the most urgent needs, empowering us to address the crises until a concrete solution is found.

Placement Options
Donation Range: $3,000 - $10,000

Assisted living expenses during the qualifying stages for Arizona Long Term Care, ensuring stability - In-home caregiver support, small-group homes, or large assisted living facilities. We partner with local professionals to find the best solution for seniors in need.

Emergency Medical Advocacy
Donation Range: $100 - $500

Often, people are alone and frightened in a medical emergency. An advocate who understands the health care delivery system is essential to help seniors and their families make decisions. Your generous donation will help families and seniors by having an advocate working with them to understand their options and make choices best for them in that medical crisis.

Medical Equipment & Supplies
Donation Range: $25 - $2500

Medical equipment is often urgently needed. Authorization through insurance companies can cause substantial delays in providing the necessary equipment. Bridging this gap until insurance pays will comfort those in need.

Medical-Related Transportation
Donation Range: $50 - $600

Transportation is a barrier for many seniors. Securing emergency transportation for a medical appointment locally or in the Phoenix area will make a difference in proper medical care.

End-of-Life Planning
Donation Range: $150 - $500

Everyone needs to have a voice through the end of life. By completing your End-of-Life planning with Power of Attorneys, someone you choose will be in place to communicate your needs and wishes.

Pet Care
Donation Range: $75 - $800

Many seniors are alone in this world except for their pets. Seniors choose not to get proper medical care for themselves for the well-being of their animals and fear of leaving them alone. We can provide short-term care to ensure the pets are well-loved while seniors get the necessary medical care.


Az Senior Cares Foundation, Board Of Directors

Why Your Support Matters

Your support will allow our foundation to maximize your contribution by leveraging your donation
with our knowledge of community resources. The professional relationships we have built will allow
us to ensure those in need have access to and understanding of resources in our community to
provide a stabilizing network.

We will not succeed without your compassionate support. This heart-wrenching situation requires
your commitment to give our seniors the care and respect they deserve in their most vulnerable

AZ Cares Foundation

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Extend Your Impact Through Senior Advocacy

Sharing our mission is as valuable as any donation. Spread the word about our senior care and senior assistance initiatives in AZ, and inspire others to join our loving community of supporters.

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